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Learn from the winner: Shein

“Shein has turned fast fashion upside down with its mobile app, just like Zara did in the 90s,” says Bart de Waele. Digital strategist in this article in De Standaard.

This must-read for every mobile marketer explains how smart software ensures that the app is so successful.

Shein is not a customer of Apptonize, but smart software is also available for your shop. Apptonize offers comparable app intelligence with which you also win from your competitors.

Practically applicable

Artificial intelligence, data intelligence, growth hacking in bite-sized chunks.

Personalization: everything is spot on

Personalizing content leads to higher conversions. Logical, the offer answers your desires.

Your unique product offering
Imagine you are walking in a shopping street and you only see the products you desire in the shop window. That’s what Apptonize Personalization brings. Each user has its own product range, its own shop window.

Personalized push notifications
The power of a push message is that you get someone’s attention while they were busy with something else. Then you must have something to offer. You can do that with personalized push messages. This is how you send offers of products or brands that she likes.

Custom banners and campaigns
What does a user see when they open the app? Thanks to Apptonize Personalization you can already differentiate the displayed banners. A simple distinction between a men’s banner and a women’s banner already makes a big difference.

Campaigns via so-called in-app messages can also be personalized.

mobile app gift module

Customer loyalty with gifts and points

Free gifts
A gift works even better than giving a discount. It makes people feel good. With Apptonize’s gift module you give people a reason to return to the app, and you motivate them to increase the order amount,

Proven successes in practice

The versatility of the software offered by Apptonize can be used in many smart ways. Some examples that are guaranteed to work:

Discount to new customers
Shein offers a fixed discount to people using the app for the first time. It just gives you that push to take the first step. Since the data shows that some remain long-term customers, it is a discount that you are happy to give away.

Forgot shopping cart
Every day there are users who put a product in their shopping cart but do not checkout. Although the reasons may vary, it has been found that sending a ‘forgotten shopping cart’ push message results in some returning to the app and placing the order.

VIP customers
Identify the people who are most loyal to you and reward them for it. With an extra discount, a gift or simply giving your attention and expressing your appreciation. You can send messages to VIP customers via push messages or a message that appears as soon as the app is opened. Cherish your ambassadors!


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