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In the ever-changing retail landscape, it is not easy to stand out as a brand and to get and stay top-of-mind. No wonder physical flagship stores have taken off. A world in which your brand is central.

Apptonize creates online flagship stores of mobile apps. A world in which your brand is central. In which you control every detail. So that your customers can see and feel the essence of your brand.

A great user experience is combined with the commercial tools that our shopping apps offer. So that the experience leads to sales. With maximum margins, by the way, thanks to the direct line with your end customer.

Launch mobile app campaigns

Launch a mobile app campaign within days! Mobile apps offer excellent opportunities to roll out promotions, due to the unique ways to communicate with your target group. Everything goes via the smartphone, which everyone always has with them. Via push messages you immediately come into the picture and you can invite people to participate.

Push messages, in-app messages and personalized content offer a range of possibilities to achieve high conversions in a short time. Think of sales, tickets, or registrations.

Often these types of campaigns cannot take place because the app development takes too long. Thanks to the Apptonize software, you can start within a few days. Important, because then the momentum is there!


Compromises are not necessary.

Branding: your own app design

Does your website have the same design as all other websites? Of course not. Your Mobile App deserves its own look as well.

Thanks to the Apptonize Flexible Design System, we can adjust many things at a detailed level. Such as color schemes, fonts, icons, banners, menus, etc.). This enables us to differentiate the look & feel of mobile apps to a large extent.

Branding: Apptonize Bespoke

If the variations of the Apptonize Flexible Design System are not sufficient, we can really individualize with Apptonize Bespoke. Without having to rebuild everything from the ground up, we continue to use the software we have already developed. With all the associated benefits (money, time).

mobile app bespoke maatwerk apps
mobile app lookbook

Branding: lookbook of showcase

A mobile app is a visual medium. Appealing images are decisive for success. For that reason, Apptonize offers the possibility to create a Lookbook or Showcase.

In an Apptonize Lookbook or Showcase, an impacted image can be related to child components. Such as photos of models where the garments can be viewed and ordered separately.


Activate the customer, personalize and stay in dialogue.

Engage: Push notifications

How do you become top-of-mind with your target group? Not via email anymore. Well via the smartphone. Push notifications appear in the view of app users, at the times you choose. This way you can activate people.

Push messages with offers, promotions or new collections are often successful. Conversions become even higher when audiences are segmented based on recipient interests, such as brands or product categories.

A Levi’s enthusiast will be tempted to click on the message ‘today 25% discount on all Levi’s jeans!’. After a customer clicks on the message, the app immediately shows the relevant jeans. A short route to an order.

Engage: in-app messaging

When a customer enters a store, the seller has the opportunity to address a customer based on what the customer is doing at that moment. For example, when she goes to view a product or wants to pay for something. In-app messaging is the digital version of this principle.

Based on the actions of the user, it can be set when which message should be sent. For example, you can alert the customer to a certain promotion, or offer a temporary discount code that entitles you to free shipping.

Engage: abandoned cart and other smarts

Apptonize’s engage module offers many possibilities. For example, a message can be sent at 8 p.m. in the evening to someone who has placed an item in the shopping cart shortly before without ordering. It is also possible to welcome new app users with a push message. Or to offer your most loyal customers a gift via a push message.

Engage: Personalization

Not everyone is the same. Needs and interests differ. That is why it is so logical that personalizing content immediately leads to (significantly) higher conversions.

Thanks to personalization, the content of a push message or an in-app message can be tailored to the (purchasing) behavior of the user in the app. In addition, Apptonize offers the possibility to personalize the content of the app’s homepage as well. This way, each user sees a different selection of products.

Although the term ‘personalization’ suggests otherwise, the app user remains anonymous.

Mobiele app - personalisatie aanbod


You earn the most from existing customers.

mobile app gift module

Loyalty: free gifts

People love a discount, that’s true. But a present contributes even more to loyalty. It makes people feel good.

With the Apptonize gift module you can decide for yourself what you give as a gift, from what amount. Users are encouraged to increase their spending in order to qualify for a particular gift. In addition, it is also possible to invite people to spend more to be able to ship the products for free.

And much more

These are some examples of what we have in house.
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