Excellent Apps, Flexible Design

Excellent Apps for online shops

Full Native: The Rolls Royce of shopping Apps

We develop ‘full native’ apps for your online shop. This means that they are fully developed for both Android (Google) and IOS (Apple). This makes them work optimally. For your customer, ordering and paying is much smoother, so you achieve more sales..

Unique Design

Your App gets a design that is entirely in line with the ‘branding’ of your online shop.

Software is ready and tested: No stress

We have already developed and extensively tested all the required software. If you, as a client, have had custom software built before, then you know how much time, energy and money, it can take. Our system removes this stress and saves you money.

Excellent ‘Graphical User Interface’

Thanks to a superior ‘user interface’ it is very enjoyable to navigate the complete product range. So it is easy to view and order products.

Extended filter options: Find what you are looking for

The App is equipped with all filter options that you find important for your customers. For example price, size, colour, brand, material, etc. Just like on your website.

Wishlist: For returning visitors

Your customers can save products that they like in a ‘wishlist’, an overview of their favorite items. This means they can be retrieved and ordered on a subsequent visit..

Streamlined ordering process: Higher conversion

With Apps, people are 3.5 times faster to actually order than on mobile websites, because ordering and paying is so much easier. Based on extensive research we have optimized the ordering process.

E-Commerce integration

We are fully integrated with Lightspeed HQ & Shopify. Thanks to the integration with the e-commerce system, your website-shop and app-shop work together seamlessly. You don’t have to do extra work for the App; we simply use everything that you have already entered for the website.

Specific push messages: interaction and more sales

With push notifications you can alert your customers to promotions, new offers and discounts, with targeted ‘specific push messages’. For example: ‘Today 20% discount on jeans!’. Once the customer clicks on the message, the App immediately shows the jeans in question. It’s a short cut to an order.

Insight thanks to statistics

As well as the general statistics about the number of (active) users, you also get insight into the statistics of your push messages. That way you can learn what your customers are interested in and what they are not interested in. Ideal information for planning your follow-up actions. You get access to a dashboard which is available 24/7.

Everything is arranged and stays arranged: Relaxed!

You have your business, we have ours. You run the webshop, we run the Apps. We ensure permanent availability. We provide upgrades. You do not have to worry about it. Relax. We do it all for you..

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Lightspeed Partner

Apptonize is Appstore partner of Lightspeed HQ, the  biggest e-commerce platform in The Netherlands.

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