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Do you know anyone without a Smartphone?

About us

Do you know anyone without a Smartphone?

It is about Mobile

This graph opened our eyes: internet goes mobile. And we are not there to make websites responsive. From now on, the smartphone is in the first place. 90% of the time people spend on their phone is via mobile apps. Our step towards ‘mobile apps’ is therefore a no-brainer. Add this to a different development: shopping streets become army, online shopping grows.

Shared costs, so smart

Developing a mobile app that is seamlessly integrated with an e-commerce system is time-consuming and complex. The costs for Android and Apple / IOS quickly exceed 50,000 Euro.


Because the functionalities of these apps are virtually the same for which webshop, it is not necessary for each shop to go through such a customization process. With associated costs.

Conclusion: shared software saves a lot of costs

But no uniformity

The most common way to share software is to use 1 template with a limited set of functionalities. Nice and easy. For an app developer this is an obvious way. But it is not our way.


If you see mobile apps as the most important sales channel, you will not get away with it. That app is far too important for your shop. You also want to see all those optimizations that you have implemented in your website in your app. That is why we offer a scalable model where we can add customized functions and designs to our standard software.

Conclusion: we deliver apps without compromise.

Apptonize, nice to meet you!

Jens Borghardt

Jens Borghardt


Jens is founder and director of Apptonize. Jens has ben an internet entrepreneur since 2000 with companies such as Lectric,
Yourzine en TV Tutti..

Martin Klerx

Martin Klerx

Tech Lead

Martin is Tech Lead of Apptonize. Martin and Jens have been working together succesfully for more than ten years.





A team of seven Developers is working for Apptonize.

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Apptonize is Appstore partner of Lightspeed HQ, the biggest e-commerce platform in The Netherlands.

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